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Pawn King

Website Re-design, Photography

Pawn King stands as a distinguished retail establishment with a robust presence spanning across 11 locations. Offering a diverse array of high-quality goods and services, Pawn King transcends the conventional notion of a pawn shop, embodying professionalism, reliability, and excellence in every aspect of its operations.

I collaborated closely with their UI/UX director to elevate their branding efforts and ensure a cohesive visual identity across all 11 locations throughout Central New York. This included executing on-brand candid and location photography, capturing the essence of Pawn King's unique offerings and atmosphere. Additionally, I took on the responsibility of directing developers in implementing in-house e-commerce functionality on the website we built. This involved integrating automated posting capabilities for eBay and Amazon, streamlining the online sales process and expanding Pawn King's reach beyond their physical locations.

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