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As a seasoned creative director, I have honed my skills over 6 years in the industry. Throughout my career, I've had the privilege of leading numerous projects and teams, guiding them to success through strategic direction and creative vision. From conceptualization to execution, I've played a pivotal role in bringing ideas to life and delivering exceptional results for clients across various industries.


My expertise spans a wide range of disciplines, with a focus on website design, video production, and photography. I excel at creating captivating digital experiences that seamlessly blend innovation with functionality, ensuring aesthetics and user-centered design. Additionally, my strong background in client management and operations allows me to effectively communicate project objectives, manage expectations, and deliver on time and within budget.


In my toolkit, you'll find proficiency in a variety of software and tools essential to my craft. From Adobe Creative Suite for design and editing tasks to project management platforms like Slack and Notion for efficient workflow organization, I leverage the latest technologies to streamline processes and enhance productivity. Additionally, I have experience with audio production tools such as ProTools, and OS platforms including Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro. With a commitment to staying updated on industry trends and emerging technologies, I am equipped to tackle any creative challenge that comes my way.

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